Penne dish that should be on the map!

Last Wednesday was my 37th birthday. Not much to celebrate about, but at least it is another year that opportunity and serendipity may grace my doorstep. The year started out right. Because Rossana was slaving away at the kitchen making the perfect meal for the family. She is really a great cook! I can't imagine why she is not in the same profession as I am. On second thought, if that were the case, then we would have nothing to talk about.

So I decided to spread the good word that she made this amazing baked pasta dish that just blows my mind. I do not know how she did it, but good she didn't divulge the recipe as I would be tempted to play around with it and spread the joy of it to the world. All I can say is the following:

  • If it were on a restaurant menu, it would be described as 'Penne pasta topped with creamy bechamel sauce with fresh herb and spices with lovely piquante cheese and served with moist garlic bread'

  • I would gladly pay good money for this dish

  • The penne pasta was at the perfect al dente level

  • The tomato based sauce is rich and vibrant, with an rabies inducing aroma that wafted throughout the house

  • The ground beef was lean and had a great texture

  • The cheese after baking was really gooey on the inside, but crisp and toasty on the outside

  • Garlic bread was made with a crunchy on the outside soft as clouds on the inside baguette, moist throughout with the pungent taste of garlic

  • Seasonings and herbs, unbeknownst to me, were complimentary to the dish

  • This dish should be in a cookbook

  • This dish should be published on the web

  • Jamie Oliver got nothing on this dish over Rossana

Okay, okay. It's getting nauseatinig waxing poetic about something like this. But you have to ask Rossana to make you some so you have an idea on what I mean.


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