Help for the victims of Ondoy

The personal chef has been bombarded with images on news reports of the plight of victims of the recent storm that ravaged Northern Luzon in the Philippines. As of last report, there have been more than 900 fatalities, around 40 missing and around 35,000 displaced evacuees. These evacuees, which include children and the infirmed, are in much needed food, potable water and toiletries. Funny how this is all going on while Mikey decides to go shopping for liquor. Tsk tsk. With some form of sensitivity, I decided not to upload any photos as the damage caused by the storm is bad enough.

Donations are welcome at this blog to help the victims caught in this devastating storm. It will be used for much needed supplies and possible assistance in rebuilding the communities in the affected areas. You can email me your pledges or, for international donations, use of the secure Paypal account. You may be anonymous or leave your name for proper acknowledgement. Either way, no matter how small, even a prayer, will be much appreciated by families and communities who have so little left.

Thank you.

P.S. The Paypal Button will only be available for the duration of the calamity.

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