I have foound a very good culinary mag, and it's not available here

Browsing through some storage space in Rockwell, I chanced upon a magazine that at first glance looked like some overstuffed pretentious fodder. But closer inspection of the cover revealed caricatures of accomplished chefs.
January 2009 issue of Cuisine and Wine Asia captivated me from cover to cover. I was able to glean some great recipes, and got first look, albeit remotely, on the famed The Big Fat Duck Cookbook By Heston Blumenthal. The 6 kilo book would be such an amazing read.
Other articles were about fusion cooking, and the great chefs who excelled at it, particularly in Asia.
Will read some more. Subscription is steep at USD68 for 6 issues, but the information in it is hard to come by in our local publications.

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