A week’s menu

A widow has asked me recently to prepare a week’s menu for her since she is  very busy at her work as a top level executive in a manufacturing company.  So she hoped I was a godsend to help her out.
So here is the menu I cooked for her:
Day 1
Braised Red Snapper
Stuffed tomatoes
Day 2
Beef shanks with pearl onions and mushrooms
Shrimp Creole
Day 3
Roast Chicken with cabbage
Day 4
Braised Lamb Chops with tomato sauce
Brisket stuffed peppers
Day 5
Sauteed chicken a la Grecque
Crab Cakes
Day 6
Ligurian Beef stew
Bacon and mushroom casserole
This woman’s kitchen was well stocked, with all the condiments, seasonings and herbs and spices, so I really did not have a difficult time altering the menu a bit. She even has dried herbs from Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen series! And the different kinds of oils all on one rack. Sesame, herb infused, EVO, grapeseed. I would really love to spend one whole day in that kitchen and play around with ingredients until I have assembled my own Box-of-Tricks.
The portions had to be adjusted because she proudly has two strapping boys in her brood. It turned out ok, as the food was simple and straightforward. They particularly liked the red snapper and the brisket stuffed peppers.
What is special about this particular booking is that the client is a culinary graduate of Le  Cordon Bleu Paris, and one of the daughters is currently enrolled at Enderun. So they are very particular about the menu selections. It did keep me on my toes, but I had to be careful not to go overboard on the complexity, since the menu had to be transported cooked and with minimal assembly at the site.
Hopefully this dinner will lead to another booking. I do hope I have made her week a little easier.

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