In the still of the night...

at 1AM, everybody is obviously asleep. I can't sleep. So many things going on around me and not many things happening around me, and things just going out of control. It is 1AM, and I am looking up recipes for crab cakes because my client didn't like much what I made for her family. It had to be something that people from Maryland would enjoy.
As I search through the mess of recipe websites, each with their own subjective offerings of the best Crab Cake recipe, I wonder what I am doing up at this time of night. It's quiet out on the street. The cat is purring next to me, asleep and very warm against my leg in this humid weather.
Is it because I have to find this recipe? Is it because I want to improve on myself. Aren't we all? Are we not supposed to be progressing, not regressing? Isn't it true that we all make 5-year plans the moment our first employer asks us that inane question? Too much reflection. Have to get back to the search...
Been trying to expose the Personal Chef Service to the market in a myriad of ways, and I am still dwelling on how to get maximum exposure. Without of course the expense of paid advertising.
Right now I have a few ideas:
1. Bumper stickers
2. T-shirts saying "Stuffed by COOKIES Personal Chef Service" to be given to past clients
3. Village bulletin boards
What else?
At this hour, my brain has further disengaged, and would need to recharge my slowly depleting batteries soon. I will crawl up next to my daughter, whisper "I love you", and hopefully all is right in the world when I wake up in a few hours.

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