a simple honey mustard chicken recipe

The honey gives a golden hue to the chicken, and this recipe is contrasted by then piquant flavor of mustard. I prefer to use Dijon mustard. I find the honey from the Palawan islands really good, but any honey would do.

1 Kilo Chicken thighs
5 g salt, iodized
2 g black fresh ground pepper
50 ml grapeseed oil
60 ml dijon mustard
60 ml Honey
15 ml soy sauce

Rub chicken with salt and pepper thoroughly. Set aside
Fry chicken pieces in oil until crisp and golden brown, turn over to cook all sides.
Spoon off excess oil and lower heat
whisk together mustard, honey and soy sauce in a bowl thoroughly
Pour slowly over chicken.
Cover and let simmer for 15 minutes until chicken is cooked through. Make sure to spoon sauce over the chicken occasionally to prevent drying. If sauce has gotten too thick, just add water little by little.

This kind of chicken is great with steamed rice.

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