What if the client is a better cook?

This personal chef gets to meet different kinds of people, from almost all walks of life. But what if the potential client turns out to be a graduate of a French culinary school?
I never professed to be the greatest cook in the world, but I do try everyday to improve my craft. What do I do when a possibly great chef calls me to cook dinner for her family? For a week? It would be great in many ways if I do get to cook for her: If she likes my service, I get another customer on my list, I get to be recommended to her friends. If she doesn't, I am marked.
Perhaps I should develop the menu so much do that in the worst case scenario I do not crash and burn. But where is the adventure in that? I learn new stuff everyday, I see Jamie Oliver reinventing himself constantly!
I can do this. No I can't! Yes, I can! No, no, no...Slap!

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