Personal Chef for hire in Manila

It is to my understanding that hiring a personal chef is something of a necessity nowadays. With everything going on around us, even with the time saving gadgets we have dripping out our ears, we seem to have less time to sit at a table enjoying a great dinner.

There are a lot of chefs-for-hire in Manila. A lot of them have already made their bones in a hot sweltering cockpit of a professional kitchen. Before attaining the title of Chef, they probably have battle scars all over their arms, nicks, bruises, boils, stitches, and the occasional minor amputation. They have experienced 14-16 hour work days, drenched in steam and soot, jabbing at co workers yelling at the top of their lungs at the frustration that some schlub decided to desecrate a perfect Prime Rib eye by asking it to be cooked 'well-done'. And you know what most cookies would do? They would chuck that meat into the deep fryer until its cooked through, then sear it, drain, and serve it to the unsuspecting moron who thinks that the cow died to end up as a piece of hockey puck.

I digress. A personal chef has already got the balls to get out of the professional kitchen and into the inner sanctuaries of strangers to cook a meal for them. All for the love of cooking. I have met some of these chefs around Manila during my tour of duty a few years back. Some of them have restaurants of their own. Some of them has sold themselves to commercialism and are now hawking refrigerators and kitchen knives. But the true artisan? An excellent cook? a creative culinary genius? That still holds true for a handful of cooks who still vie for that holy grail of gastronomic orgasm, and they still do personal cooking just to get there. I am one of them.

As a Personal Chef for hire in Manila, I try to bring my culinary experiences, my travels, my loves, to your plate, with all my heart.

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Thomas Ang said...

i'm looking for a chef for hire. any recommendations? you can contact me at 0917-838 8247. thanks!